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We sing our children down from their families toward the chancel with the same song each week to begin Children's Church.  The child(ren) that adopted the Spirit Box for the week present it to the pastor.  The children put whatever they might choose in the box and the contents of the box are a surprise to the pastor, who interprets the context in light of the faith.


We close each children's time with  the same prayer:"God be in my head.  God be in my heart.  God be on my left.  God be on my right.  God be beneath me. God be above me.  God be in the faces of all who love me.  Amen."


Children 2nd grade through 5th grade continue in worship with the congregation.  Activity bags filled with Christian themed books and activity pages that relate to the sermon are available in the Narthex.


Children ages Pre-K through 1st grade go to Children’s Church for a Bible lesson, activities, and play.


  • Sunday School

    -2 & 3 year-old: Held in room # S201. Teachers: Katherine Ehlers and Jessica Morrow


    -Pre-K & K: Held in room #C305. Teachers: Charlotte Henderson and LeeAnn Priebe


    -1st - 2nd grade class: Held in room #307. Teachers: Melanie Cook and April Wagner


     -3rd - 5th grade class: Held in room#C306. Teachers: Nancy Gunter and Adam and Toni Redmer



  • Children's Music Education

    Our children receive music education during the Sunday School. Preschool and kindergarten aged children receive their music education from 9:40-10:10am. First-fifth graders receive their music education from 9:15-9:40am. Because music is a gift and a language that lasts a lifetime, First Presbyterian hires Music Education majors from Baylor School of Music to help children feel confident singing, and playing to the rhythms of sacred music.

  • Confirmation

    Our Confirmation program is for our 6th and 7th grade students.  This is the time in a young person's life when they confirm their interest in and commitment to the church.    Throughout the year, they learn about the history of the church and the specifics of the Presbyterian Church USA, the mission of the church, both locally and globally, and various aspects of theology and faith. Each young person chooses an adult in the congregation is who becomes their Covenant Partner.  This faithful adult agrees to walk with them through the Confirmation process, helps them write their faith statement, and participates in a mission project with them. In the spring, the Confirmands are welcomed into membership of the church.  Marla Jaynes, Emily Stottlemyre and Rob Bradfield facilitate this class.


  • Kids' Connection

    Kids in grades 4th-6th are invited to join in on this quarterly event. We team up with several other churches in the area to execute a fun-filled event with a service project, games, lunch, and discussion about God.



Middle School Sunday School:

These young people meet at 9:15 in the corner room of the Youth Suite C302.  Discussion and lessons are facilitated by the teaching team of Sue Weir and Laura Munn.  Each week they explore scripture using critical reflection to consider our Bible's relevance to their lives.  They share some donuts and brew some coffee from the Keurig.

Youth Ushers:

Every 4th Sunday, a team  of youth serve as ushers to greet the congregation and visitors that arrive for Sunday Worship. We also help collect the offering, and fulfill other ushering duties.

  • Sunday School

    High school students meet at 9:15 in C301 of the Youth Suite.  Discussion and lessons are faciliated by the teaching teams of Kathryn and Jamie Delk and Callie Carruth-Harper and Mike Harper.  Each week the High School students are invited to deepen their faith through active questioning.  We believe that authentic dialogue with our young people helps them to develop an honest and mature relationship with God.

    Youth Ushers:

    Every 4th Sunday, a team  of youth serve as ushers to greet the congregation and visitors that arrive for Sunday Worship. We also help collect the offering, and fulfill other ushering duties.

  • Wednesday Night Study Hall

    Brown bag dinner & Study Hall on Wednesday nights, 6-8 p throughout the Fall & Spring.  Come enjoy fellowship, study partners, discussion about scripture, and cookies!


  • Special Events

    The youth of First Pres stay busy with special events throughout the year. Each year is a little bit different, but there are always opportunities for mission projects like the 30 Hour Famine or Mission Waco’s Poverty Simulation, parties to celebrate Christmas or the Super Bowl, and outings for meals or fun. Our youth are always particularly excited about summer, because this means conferences at Mo Ranch for high schoolers (Youth Celebration) and junior high (Junior High Jubilee). There is also a leadership camp at Mo Ranch called Teen Leadership Conference (TLC) and a mission trip. Mission trips have taken our youth to the Stewpot in Dallas, Mission Arlington in Arlington, to New Orleans, and in 2018, to Pine Grove Indian Reservation in South Dakota.


The technical definition of young adults is 25-40 years old, but at First Pres, we think about it differently.  We offer separate programming for College-aged adults, 18-22 years old approximately, and Young adults, out of college or 23 and above.  We invite you to join in the fun as you feel comfortable.

  • Young Adults

    For our Young Adults, here are some programs:

    Faith on Tap:

    Fellowship that takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Barnett's Pub at 6pm. Join us and get to know other young adults in the church.


    Monthly lunches after worship

    One Sunday a month, we gather for lunch after worship. Meet us in the Narthex after the service concludes to find out where we are eating and join the fun!


    Seasonal activities

    Throughout the year, our Young Adults gather for special activities, in addition to Faith on Tap and lunches together. These include Super Bowl parties, Christmas parties, cookouts, Easter feasts, road tripping to a Rangers game, or a sand volleyball league.  Contact Rev. Dee Dee Carson to learn more and join the Young Adult email list

  • College

    Whether you are a student at a 4 year college, a two year college, or are launching into the workforce, our hope is for you to find a church home. We encourage your growth and enrichment at First Presbyterian. It would be our privilege to be your home away from home!


    Join us in the fall semester for a Welcome Dinner in our Fellowship Hall, one lunch each month at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center on Baylor University's campus, a finals late night pancake breakfast, and an adopt-a-student program, which will connect you for your years here with a family from our congregation. We hope you will spend some of your college years with us! Contact Rev. Dee Dee Carson to learn more about upcoming events.


Adults at First Presbyterian are invited to a number of small group experiences.  These periodic offerings help one to experience First Presbyterian as something more than a church, it's an extended family where we can laugh, learn and discover more about God's world together.

  • Adult Sunday School

    We have several adult Sunday School classes, each with its own distinct style and curriculum. We hope you find the one that is a fit for you.


    Sunday Morning News: Held in Room #S206. This class uses the Wired Word curriculum, which takes them through a discussion of current events and Christianity.  Facilitators are Wes Field, Amy Goodman and Drew Risinger.


    Weaving Science and Faith: Held in Room #C203. This class will consider the foundational texts of scripture, doctrine and scientific exploration.  Discussions will honor the kin-like relationship between science and faith.  Topics will change monthly.  Facilitators are Chuck Weaver, Steve Driese, Charlie Stern, Melissa Switzer and Leslie King.


    Covenant Class: Held in Room #C201. This class uses the Living Word curriculum which guides the participants through the liturgical season.  Facilitators are Dick Kannwischer and Craig Clarkson.


    Fellowship Class: Held in Room #F105. This class uses a variety of curriculum that guides them in discussion on specialized topics that change every four to six weeks. Recent topics have included Church History, Faith and Science, the lives of influential theologians, and Confessions.  Facilitators are Pat Pattillo, Cathy McPhee, Joe Sudderth and Dick Turner.


    Gospel of Luke: Held in Room #C202. This class is moving slowly through Luke, looking at recurring themes and exploring the texts through slow readings, art, music, and much more.  Pastor Dee Dee Carson facilitates this class.


    Periodically, the pastor leads an evening or midday Bible or book study.  Check out our newsletter and calendar for dates and times.

  • Retirees on the Road

    Once a month, our group heads out for an outing around Waco. We have toured the Waco Mammoth Site, fed animals behind-the-scenes at the zoo, tasted wines at Red Caboose Winery, and toured the Texas Collection at Baylor University, among other things. Join us for our next fun event!

  • Men's Breakfast

    On the third Friday of every month, all men of the church are invited to breakfast at 7:15am. Their location changes, so watch for announcements in the church newsletter and on Realm to plan to join them. You can expect good conversation, plenty of coffee, and meaningful fellowship.

  • Presbyterian Women

    Presbyterian Women meets the 2nd Monday of the month for refreshments, Bible Study led by one of the pastors, and meeting time. They gather at 1:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.


    Presbyterian Women P.M. meets the 1st Thursday evening of the month at 6:30. Locations vary.  Call the church office for more information.

  • Presbyterian Book Club

    Presbyterian Book Club meets quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month.  Jackie Lott coordinates this group.  Call the Church office for more information at 254-752-1665


Joining our Chancel Choir or Handbell Choir are two great ways to connect with others and contribute to the worship of the church. All ranges of skills are invited!


The Chancel Choir rehearses each Wednesday evening from 7-8pm. Contact Dr. Randy Umstead if you have questions or would like to join.

The Handbell Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings from September to May from 6-7pm. Contact Jan Bodine if you have questions or would like to join either bell choir.